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BLU-RAY / MOVIE REVIEW: Metamorphosis / Beyond Darkness

Okay, I'm going to come out and say it right away, these movies are terrible. The acting is terrible, the effects are terrible, the story is terrible, and the overall experience watching these two disasters is terrible. There, I said it. Whew, I feel better. As many already know, I'm a huge fan of cheesy, low budget 80's movies (in this case 1990 movies,) but watching Metamorphosis and Beyond Darkness took a lot of willpower to get through to the end credits. They are slow films, that plod along with barely a story keeping it together. I felt like I was being tortured, like I did something wrong in a past life and this was my punishment. However, this is all my opinion and I know for a fact there are people out there that like these movies, so I will do my unpaid job and review them one by one, just for the three or four readers that are going to read this review...

DVD / MOVIE REVIEW: Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story

I never really did get into the whole Slender Man / The Operator craze that has swept the internet as of lately. I know nothing about the backstory or the YouTube series, Marble Hornets, so you might say that I'm not the best person to be reviewing a movie that is based on it. However, I got to do my job and my job is to review a movie called Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story. Is it a bad found footage film or is it the next Paranormal Activity (a movie this one has a whole lot in common with, so much in fact, you could say it was a rip-off)? Read on to see what the verdict is...


You may or may not of noticed I've been a little slack lately on the reviews, but that's only because I recently moved into a brand new house, with my time being taken up unpacking all the numerous goodies I've accumulated over the years (note to self, I own way to many unopened action figures.) Thankfully though, I managed to find some me time and I plunked myself down in front of the TV to watch the Anchor Bay / Raven Banner Blu-ray release of Cub, also known as Welp. If you haven't heard about it before, it's a Belgium film that's about a group of Cub Scouts, who run amuck a few demented beings in the woods. There's obviously more to it than that, but I wouldn't want to spoil it now would I. Read on if you want to know a tiny bit more...

PRESS RELEASE: Scream Factory Presents The Return of Count Yorga on Blu-ray October 13, 2015

Scream Factory Presents

The Return of Count Yorga
On Blu-ray October 13, 2015 

Starring Robert Quarry, Mariette Hartley and Craig T. Nelson

A horrifying love story… with bite! Scream Factory proudly presents The Return of Count Yorga in its North American Blu-ray debut on October 13, 2015. The sequel to the hit 1970 original film Count Yorga, Vampire, the Deathmaster makes his triumphant return in this release, complete with special features including an audio commentary with film historian Steve Haberman and actor Rudy De Luca (Dracula: Dead and Loving It).

When the overlord of the damned rises again to prowl the shadows, who will stand against The Return Of Count Yorga? Robert Quarry is back as one of the most dapper vampires to ever set up shop in California in this thrilling sequel that really raises the stakes. Revived by the well-known supernatural properties of the Santa Ana winds, our undead leading man takes to the streets with an unquenchable thirst. In search of new blood, Yorga moves next door to an orphanage. But when he crosses paths with a beautiful young woman, the Count’s thoughts turn to love. Has the ruler of the night finally found the girl with whom he can share eternity?

Featuring Mariette Hartley, Roger Perry and Craig T. Nelson in his screen debut, this biting vampire flick will thrill you horror fans…Yorga-nna love this one.

Special Features:
  • Audio Commentary with Film Historian Steve Haberman and Actor Rudy De Luca
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spot
  • Radio Spots
  • Photo Gallery


Confused. That's the best word I can describe my experience watching the newly released Scream Factory Blu-ray of 1986 movie Nomads. Confused, but oddly satisfied with my movie watching experience. Starring Pierce Brosnan, with an odd french accent, and Lesley-Anne Down, who looks smoking hot in the included 2015 interview, Nomads is a movie about a bunch of leather clad youths, who love to terrorize people and cause all sorts of havoc. However, these aren't just your typical douche bag youths, they are some sort of demonic spirits, and Mr. Bond himself gets wrapped up in the mystery and puts his life on the line. Yeah, that kind of explains the movie, but not really. Let's see if I can do better after the jump...