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Vampire's Kiss/High Spirits Blu-Ray/Movie Review

The latest two pack from Scream Factory is somewhat of a departure from the horror scene. Featuring two 80s "horror comedies" Vampire's Kiss and High Spirits. One movie is incredibly entertaining and original. The other is... well High Spirits.

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Horror Block - February 2015 Edition

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The Phantom Cabinet Book Review

If you crack open The Phantom Cabinet, you better be prepared for a confusing, albeit, incredibly interesting story. Jeremy Thompson crafts a story that feels all over the place, yet I couldn't help but keep reading. That to me is a sign of a good book. Read on to see if you agree...

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Exterminators of the Year 3000 Blu-Ray/Movie Review

In the year 3000, everything looks a little bit 80s, or so I'm led to believe in Scream Factory's Blu-Ray release of Exterminators of the Year 3000, a Road Warrior knock off if there ever was one. Still, even though with it being hardly original, the dialogue being just awful and the dubbing hilarious, Exterminators is a fun movie and I'm guessing it's never looked this good before.

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Nekromantik 2 Blu-Ray/Movie Review

Thanks to the fine folks at Cult Epics, I got my hands on the sequel to Nekromantik (I didn't love the movie, but the Blu-Ray rocked) and I popped it in last night and checked it out. Once again, much the same as the original, I didn't enjoy the movie, but man, Cult Epics really knows how to serve up an amazing Blu-Ray, jammed pack full of special features. If you happen to love Nekromantik 2, than this disc is a no brainer.

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New Year's Evil Blu-Ray/Movie Review

It's pretty rare when an early 80s slasher is able to offer anything new in the story department, or heck, even the originality department, but you know what? New Year's Evil surprisingly served up an original story that kept me glued to the screen. Combine that with a beautiful Blu-Ray from Scream Factory, a wicked performance from Kip Neven (who looks like Jeffrey Combs) and a killer soundtrack from the bands Shadow and Made in Japan, New Year's Evil is a party worth going to. The countdown to the rest of the review starts now...

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Graduation Day Blu-Ray/Movie Review

Another 80s slasher movie in a time where 80s slasher movies came out every day (of course, back then they were just called slasher movies). Does Graduation Day offer us anything new that we have not already seen before? Not really, but it does give us an ample amount of Linnea Quigley boobies to gawk at and the awesome Christopher George of Pieces, a movie which this one seems to have a lot in common with.

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RUN-TIME: 96 min

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Horror Block - January Edition

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