Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery

Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery.  Sadly, photos are not allowed to be taken while inside.  

During a visit to Salem, Massachusetts, I stopped by and visited Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery. We ordered the tickets online for a low price of $7 and I am pleased to say it was worth every penny.

The tour consisted of a plethora of life-sized displays ranging from Universal monsters, all the way to “modern” monsters.  I loved the entire atmosphere that was presented, with it’s gruesomely realistic displays, along with some creepy music constantly playing in the background keeping the mood scary and intense. 

The figures looked spectacular and they matched up perfectly to their film counterparts. I especially liked the Hellraiser and “big three baddies” (Freddy, Jason, Michael) setups. Adding to the excellent presentation are various plaques with some fun and useful information. I also enjoyed the signed autograph photos lining the walls.

If you happen to be in Salem, MA, I highly recommend checking out Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery. I’ll definitely be going back again in the future.

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  • So glad your wife stumbled upon this place while researching Salem! 😉 She must be a catch.

  • Thanks for comment over on our review of same gallery! We had a blast and was definitely a highlight of our visit to Salem