The Pact II Movie Review

I actually had to go back and read my original review of The Pact, in order to remember what it was about and how much I liked it. As I thought, it was a good, ...[Read More]

Prom Night Movie Review

I’m going to try out something new here and I want some feedback on it. I want to do a new quick review and see how it plays out. I’m getting behind...[Read More]

Leviathan Movie Review

Leviathan is a movie that can easily be called a rip off of The Thing and Alien, but also can be considered its own sort of beast. It may not have been well rec...[Read More]

Pumpkinhead (Collector’s Edition) Blu-ray Review

As I’m sure you already know, I actually reviewed the movie Pumpkinhead last year, so I won’t be going into detail again on the movie, as you can al...[Read More]

Those Among Us Book Review

Those Among Us is probably the best ghost book I’ve read in a long time. I swear, there were many times throughout the 307 pages, that I had several bouts...[Read More]

Motel Hell Movie Review

Motel Hell is a horror movie that I’ve always been meaning to get around to watching. I would see it on the shelves when I was younger, begging me to rent...[Read More]

The Beast Within Movie Review

I love transformation scenes in a horror movie. You tell me a movie is going to have some sort of awesome practical effect transformation scene and you can bet ...[Read More]

Breakfast and a Bath for Baby/Darker, Still – A Tale of the Unexpected – Short Story Reviews

Today folks I give you two short story reviews from the mind of bobbygw. One is called Breakfast and a Bath for Baby and the other is Darker, Still – A Ta...[Read More]

Black X-Mas Movie Review

I’m shocked, absolutely shocked. Here I was all these years thinking that the remake of Black Christmas was just some shoddy cash in that didn’t off...[Read More]

Final Exam Movie Review

Thanks to Scream Factory, plenty of old 80s horror movies are being brought to light on Blu-ray and DVD. For the most part, this is a good thing, however not al...[Read More]

Wolf Creek 2 Movie Review

  Mick is back baby and boy is he in a pissed off mood. The first Wolf Creek might not have offered us anything we hadn’t already seen before ,thanks...[Read More]

Antisocial Movie Review

                    I knew social media sites would eventually kill everyone on Earth, be it by slowly making ...[Read More]

+1 Movie Review

                    When a movie has humor, boobies, doppelgangers, crazy college parties and boobies, you kno...[Read More]

The Deadly Spawn Movie Review

  I’ve been recently playing the amazingly bad, but awesome video game, Deadly Premonition and during one of the random, but utterly awesome parts of...[Read More]

RoboCop Movie Review

                    *Note* I meant to post this review a month ago, hence the first paragraph. Yeah, I’m...[Read More]

Alien: Out of the Shadows Book Review

                    The Alien series may be stalled right now, not counting the semi Alien prequel Prometheus,...[Read More]

House of Whipcord Movie Review

  There is no better feeling, than sitting down and watching an old ’70s X-Rated Hammer film. Okay, maybe there is, but you can’t deny that I h...[Read More]

Aliens Book Review

After finishing the excellent Alien novelization, the only obvious thing to do, was start right into the next novelization of the series, which thankfully is on...[Read More]

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