Hellbound Hearts: The Collector Short Story Review

Short Story: “The Collector” At last, a true Hellraiser story and one that delivered immensely. “The Collector” was short and sweet, but...[Read More]

Hellbound Hearts: Every Wrong Turn Short Story Review

Short Story: “Every Wrong Turn” Finally! The trend is broken. “Every Wrong Turn” by Tim Lebbon managed to break the vicious cycle that w...[Read More]

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) Movie Review

The saw is family and this family is dysfunctional, deranged and completely insane. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a classic film, with several sequels and a r...[Read More]

Hellbound Hearts: Mechanisms Short Story Review

Short Story: “Mechanisms” I see a trend occurring in Hellbound Hearts. A good story seems to always be followed by a bad one. So, if you’ve re...[Read More]

The Bourne Legacy Movie Review

Trailing behind in action and story, The Bourne Legacy is a Bourne film without the Bourne… Short nitty-gritty plot description from IMDb is as follows: A...[Read More]

Hellbound Hearts: Hellbound Hollywood Short Story Review

Short Story: “Hellbound Hollywood” “Hellbound Hollywood” is vulgar and over the top with it’s sexually charged overtones. You may ...[Read More]

Hellbound Hearts: The Confessor’s Tale Short Story Review

Short Story: “The Confessor’s Tale” Now this is what I’ve been waiting for! “The Confessor’s Tale”, written by Sarah P...[Read More]

Hellbound Hearts: The Cold Short Story Review

Short story: “The Cold” This review brings us to short story number two in the Hellbound Hearts collection. “The Cold”, written by Conra...[Read More]

The Funhouse Movie Review

When a group of teenagers decide to spend the night in a funhouse, all hell breaks loose and what results is an epic battle of good vs evil… or so I thoug...[Read More]

Hellbound Hearts: Prisoners of the Inferno Short Story Review

Short story: “Prisoners of the Inferno” Hellbound Hearts is a collection of 21 short stories based around the mythology of Hellraiser. The book was ...[Read More]

The Gate Movie Review

When the gates of hell are opened and all that stands in the way of world domination are three young children, you know the night’s going to be a wild rid...[Read More]

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review

The Amazing Spider-Man is back to spin a brand new web. Is it of spectacular design, or just an old dusty cob-web? Read on to find out… Short nitty-gritty...[Read More]

The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

Almost seven years and three hours later, the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy is finally finished. It’s been a long journey with some ups and downs, but ...[Read More]

Monsters Movie Reivew

  An enticing story with some visuals that will surely pique your interest. Monsters is an interesting film in that the title “character” is ba...[Read More]

Darkly Dreaming Dexter Book Review

Darkly Dreaming Dexter is the book that started it all. Without this we would never have gotten the great TV series Dexter.  As for the book itself, y...[Read More]

Centurion Movie Review

Centurion is a violent film loosely based on actual events in history and when I say loosely, I really mean it. The film is certainly well acted and full of tal...[Read More]

Predator 2 Book Review

Novelizations of movies are a blast to read, it’s like getting an extended cut of your favorite movie. Predator 2 is no different, it dives deeper into th...[Read More]

Happy Birthday to Me Movie Review

I’m always in the mood for a good cheesy 80s slasher film, they give me a warm fuzzy feeling when I watch them (my doctor says it’s normal). Happy B...[Read More]

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