The Initiation – Review (Arrow Video Blu-ray)

Thanks to Arrow Video releasing a Blu-ray of The Initiation, I got to go back and experience this somewhat unknown slasher film from the 80s. I’ve actually reviewed The Initiation before, so I’ll just list some of the greatest hits from that review below. The rest will be dedicated to a quick review of the Blu-ray. Short and sweet is what is on the plate today. PRODUCT INFORMATION DISC...

Lake Nowhere – Movie Review

Do you remember the good old days of VHS horror films? Rooting through boxes and finding the perfect flick to watch? Popping in the VHS and hoping that the VCR does not decide to up and eat the tape?Remember rotating the tracking dial to get a somewhat decent video? Man, those days were a blast. It is because of this nostalgia that Lake Nowhere succeeds brilliantly in capturing the glory days of ...

The Zero Boys – Arrow Video Blu-ray Review

Fans of The Zero Boys are going to fall head over heels for this masterfully restored Blu-ray release, with a bunch of new features to dig into.

Rage of Honor – Arrow Video Blu-ray Review

Rage of Honor will please plenty of ninja fans. Arrow Video's Blu-ray is damn impressive in some parts (audio/video), but lacking in other areas (special features).

Invasion U.S.A. – Shout! Factory Blu-ray Review

Invasion U.S.A. delivers a super fun action romp, but with a paper thin storyline.

The Mutilator – Arrow Video Blu-ray Review

Arrow Video deserves a big pat on the back with this one. I never even saw the film before, but now I have an amazing Blu-ray of it in my hand.

Millennium / R.O.T.O.R. (Scream Factory Double Feature Blu-ray / Movie Review)

The Blu-ray might be short on features, but the movies make up for it. R.O.T.O.R. is a perfect example of so bad it's good.

The Curse / Curse II: The Bite (Double Feature Blu-ray / Movie Review)

A double dose of '80s horror is exactly what you're getting with The Curse / Curse II: The Bite Double Feature Blu-ray from Scream Factory.

Tales from the Campfire – Official Trailer #2 [HD]

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Trailer 2 to the low budget Horror flick I’ve been working on for some time now. It will be finished this Summer of 2016. The trailer below is something I worked on this past weekend. I hope you enjoy it and please share with whoever you can.

The House Where Evil Dwells / Ghost Warrior (Double Feature Blu-ray / Movie Review)

Scream Factory may be scraping the bottom of the barrel sometimes with these Double Feature releases, but, this time around, enjoyment can be found.

Press Release: Full Details on Pieces 3-disc Blu-ray from Grindhouse Releasing

PIECES 3-disc set Grindhouse Releasing Pre-book: 02/02/2016 Streets: 03/01/2016 SRP: $44.95 UPC: 797679001420 Cat: BOS 014 Run Time: 83 minutes In English and Spanish with English subtitles Color Widescreen 1.66:1 DTS-HDMA MONO All Region Production year: 1983 Genre: Horror Director: Juan Piquer Simon Cast: Christopher George, Lynda Day George, Paul L. Smith, Edmund Purdom, Jack Taylor Pre-order f...

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