Home Invasion

Jackals – Review (Scream Factory Blu-ray)

Jackals is yes, another home invasion film, with some influences from You’re Next. The movie, however, offers up some interesting scenarios to make the film stand a bit higher than the countless other horror films like it. Jackals follows the Powell family, who have hired ex-military and cult expert Jimmy Levine (Stephen Dorff) to kidnap their son, Justin and deprogram him and get rid of all...

House of the Witchdoctor – Movie Review

House of the Witchdoctor is just another typical home invasion movie that tries to be loud, abrasive and shocking. It utterly fails.

Hush – Movie Review

Hush takes a tired idea with the home invasion trope, and spins it on its head by introducing a unique idea. A must watch!

Angst (Blu-ray / Movie Review)

The first thing I want to say before I get into the details about the movie Angst is that Cult Epics know how to release a damn impressive Blu-ray. They excel in packaging, features, and transfers. They might release a movie or two that I don’t like (Nekromantik and Nekromantik 2 spring to mind, as both Blu-ray releases were phenomenal, but the movies themselves were not my cup of tea), but ...

The Purge Movie Review

  The Purge takes an interesting, albeit completely unrealistic idea and decides to instead go down familiar territory, resorting to a home invasion story, one which for the most part, is the same as any other home invasion movie that came before it. Things aren’t all bad though, as the movie does have a few twists and turns up it’s sleeve… Release: June 7th, 2013  Rating: R...

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