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S.O.S. Tidal Wave – Review (Olive Films Blu-ray)

S.O.S. Tidal Wave is a terrible film. There I said it. It was made in 1939, it only has a runtime of 62 minutes, and it’s a festering turd. It’s meant to be a political thriller with a mix of disaster film with a tidal wave heading to wipe out New York. However, the tidal wave plot point doesn’t show up until the final 10 minutes, and it’s just footage from another film tit...

Hell Up in Harlem – Cultsploitation Review (Olive Films Blu-ray)

Hell Up in Harlem may or may not live up to the original film, but it sure sports a lot of excellent action and over the top goodness. Oliver Film releases a nice Blu-ray.

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Hey, everyone! I want to make you aware of my latest reviews that have appeared on Cultsploitation.com. I hope you enjoy them! EFFECTS REVIEW (AGFA BLU-RAY) Effects has finally been restored to HD, and the results couldn’t be better. The Blu-ray ports over all features from the original DVD release, but ups the ante with a wonderful transfer. CULT THROWBACK: DEMONS Demons¬†is a film that has ...

Witchboard 2: The Devil’s Doorway (Blu-ray / Movie Review)

The evilness of the Ouija board returns in Witchboard 2: The Devil’s Doorway. Released roughly 6 years after the first one, Witchboard 2 ups the action and mystery, with an intense plot about murder, sex and cover ups! Ah, who am I kidding?! It’s a cheesy 90s flick with the hot Ami Dolenz getting sexier and sexier as the minutes roll on. Fun times are in store! PRODUCT INFORMATION DISC...

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