Happy Hunting – Review (Umbrella Entertainment DVD)

What happens when you take concepts from The Purge and The Most Dangerous Game, put them in a blender and hit purée? What would most likely come out is the film Happy Hunting, a low budget thriller from directors Joe Dietsch and Louie Gibson. Sometimes combining concepts of other movies can be a terrible idea, but other times it works out for the best. Happy Hunting falls somewhere smack dab in th...

The Fox with a Velvet Tail – Cultsploitation Review (Mondo Macabro Blu-ray)

The Fox with a Velvet Tail may be light on the violence, but the mystery, eroticism and intrigue make things interesting. A solid Blu-ray from Mondo Macabro.

The Ghoul – Review (Arrow Video Blu-ray)

Let me get straight to the point with this review. I watched Arrow Video’s Blu-ray release of The Ghoul, and I’ll be frank with you, I have no idea what the hell happened in the movie. The plot summary that you can read everywhere makes you think the film is going to be a straightforward detective thriller, but that ain’t what the movie is about at all. Far from it, folks, far fr...

Kadaicha / Innocent Prey – Review (Umbrella Entertainment DVD)

Umbrella Entertainment’s latest release features a suspenseful thriller, with competent acting and a quick paced story. The other movie is Kadaicha. All jokes aside, Innocent Prey, even though billed as the second movie in the two feature DVD release is by far the better of the two movies. Kadaicha does have some highlights in regards to some of the murder scenes (that spider scene – e...

Jack Goes Home – Movie Review

The review for today! Thomas Dekker’s (John Carpenter’s Village of the Damned) second directorial debut, titled Jack Goes Home, a slightly flawed, but suspenseful slow burn, that builds to a conclusion that will leave you wanting to watch the movie one more time. It releases today in cinemas and VOD, but if you want a spoiler-free review before checking it out, read on… PLOT SUMM...

Raising Cain – Review (Scream Factory Blu-ray)

When was the last great Brian De Palma movie? Was it Mission Impossible? Maybe. Was it Snake Eyes? Uh, no. Maybe it was Raising Cain? After watching Scream Factory’s Blu-ray release of Raising Cain, I am inclined to think that maybe the film really was De Palma’s last great cinematic thriller (don’t get me wrong, I love Mission Impossible, but that is an action flick). Fan respon...

Jeepers Creepers 2 – Scream Factory Blu-ray Review

Jeepers Creepers 2 ends up injecting too much unnecessary humour and pointless characters into the movie. However, the Blu-ray is a must for fans.

Bad Influence – Blu-ray Review

Bad Influence was to me a taut thriller with only a few loose ends. Shout! Factory has done a good job on the Blu-ray and I think it's worth a purchase.

Suture – Blu-ray Review

Suture is a solid thriller that made a few ballsy decisions in the casting department. Arrow Video's Blu-ray release offers fantastic video, adequate audio and some features that are a bit on the light side.

Backtrack – Movie Review

Backtrack manages to rise above the other ghostly tales that are similar of it’s kind due to the acting and a story that keeps you interested.

You’ll Like My Mother – Blu-ray Review

You’ll Like My Mother had the goods to be an effective thriller, but the goods were provided way too quickly. At least the fans have a kickass Blu.

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